Terms & Conditions

We are Amoma Limited t/a IVAAVI, a company registered in England and Wales under company number 09906263. (“we”, “us” , “our” ,”ourselves”, “Amoma” and/or “IVAAVI”). We operate the following websites: www.ivaavi.co.uk, www.ivaavi.com ( the “sites”). Our registered office is The Lexicon Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NT. This page “Terms and conditions” tell to you the legal terms and conditions to which we sell on the “Sites” www.ivaavi.co.uk and www.ivaavi.com. Please note these “Terms” and “conditions” only apply to items purchased from the “Sites” www.ivaavi.co.uk and www.ivaavi.com, not to IVAAVI products purchased from other sources. Other sources selling our product will be governed by their own set of “Terms” and “conditions” If you continue to browse our “Sites” please read our “terms” and “conditions” carefully before proceeding and ordering. By continuing to browse and making a purchase/order you confirm your acceptance of our “Terms” and “Conditions.” Together with our privacy policy and terms and conditions these will govern your relationship with IVAAVI in the terms of the “sites.” If you feel you are not happy with the “Terms” and “conditions” please do not continue to browse the “sites” or confirm an order. Any promotions offered by our “sites” and other sources selling our products are restricted to the “sites” and “sources” offering the promotions and cannot be used vice versa. Our “Terms” and “conditions” do get amended from time to time so please review before ordering. We reserve the right to amend these “Terms” and “conditions” from time to time. These “terms” have been updated March 2016.

1. Contract between you and us

>1.1 We welcome you to our “sites”. Our shopping pages will guide you around our “sites” and direct you to being able to take the right steps to make a purchase and order with ourselves.

>1.2 The order process guides you a long the way for you to be able to make a purchase and make any necessary amendments prior to confirming your order by clicking “Confirm and Pay”.

>1.3 Once you have clicked “confirm and Pay” you will receive an email of confirmation to acknowledge we have received your order. Once we have despatched your order we will once again send an email of confirmation of despatch.

>1.4 In certain occasions we maintain the right to refuse an order. For example in the occasion of the product being out of stock or unavailable, if we suspect fraudulent activity, if there has been an error technically, Error in product information- including price or promotion etc. In these terms we will refund you your full amount at the nearest possible occasion.

2. Items on our “Sites”

>2.1 Imagery taken to display colours, textures and features are for visual illustrative purposes only. We endeavour to make every effort to ensure the colours, textures and features are displayed accurately. However we are unable to maintain every colour, feature and texture will be 100% accurate when displayed on your computer display. Items may vary slightly from the display.

>2.2 Items are suitable for domestic use only unless otherwise stated. If you require to use the items for any other purpose than domestic use please contact us further.

>2.3 Prices are maintained however in the odd occasion where they are required to be changed or a promotion is to be changed these can be done without notice. This will however not effect orders already despatched. Prices are only applicable for our “sites” and not other sources.

>2.4 We are a responsible seller and so all items include VAT (sales tax) where applicable at the rate applicable at the time or applicable to the country you are purchasing within.

>2.5 We reserve the right to alter any errors made on our part. In these circumstances if these effect your order, we will inform you to let you know of these. Whether it is to do with price, stock availability, offers, promotions, payment and quality.

>2.6 Delivery and returns charges are not included in prices stated on the “sites” for items. We have many different delivery options which you may select from at he time of confirming your order.

3. Privacy Policy

>3.1 We are committed to ensuring you a secure and safe shopping journey with ourselves. We respect and understand that customers trust us to protect their personal information. With this respect we ensure we do not share or disclose of your personal details to third parties without your consent.

>3.2 Transactions made online with our “sites” are made through Paypal or Sagepay. We personally do not hold any personal banking information.

>3.3 We adhere to the strictest levels of fraud screening to ensure you a safe and secure journey shopping with IVAAVI.

>3.4 On no circumstances would we recommend you to share your password details to anybody else via telephone, email or other forms.

> 3.5 Our “sites” contain links to other websites. We are not responsible for other websites.

4. Prohibitions

>4.1 You must not misuse our “sites. You will not commit or encourage a criminal offence. You will not commit fraud. You will not transmit or distribute virus/viruses, Trojan/s, worm/s or post any malicious technologies which may cause harm or be in breach of confidence in any shape or form. You must not encourage or commit offensive activities, promote hate or obscene activities. You will not hack into any aspect of the service, corrupt data, cause a disturbance, cause an annoyance to others, infringe upon the rights of any person’s proprietary rights, send any unsolicited advertising or promotional material (spam) or attempt to affect the functionality of any computer or technology.

>4.2 We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a service of attack, viruses or other harmful technological material that may effect your technology equipment.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

>5.1 The intellectual property on our “sites” remains property of Amoma/ IVAAVI. These rights are protected by copyright, treaties and laws around the world and expressly reserved.

>5.2 In no context or any form do we allow our imagery, property or branding be used for any commercial use unless given prior written consent for permission.

>5.3. We reserve the right to ask for you to reserve material copyright of IVAAVI from where you may have used it.

>5.4 A licence is required prior to any use of the IVAAVI and AMOMA copyrighted property.

>5.5 You must not claim to own any imagery copyright of IVAAVI. You must not distribute, manipulate or publish any information/ imagery from our “sites” without prior permission in written format.

>5.6 You will not use the name or logo “IVAAVI” without prior consent.

>5.7 Imagery used on our social media is subject to copyright of “IVAAVI” and may not be reproduced, distributed, manipulated or published to cause harm or for commercial sales without our prior written permission.

>5.8 Imagery/ videography you have shared with us on social media has there and after been granted for use by “IVAAVI” and thereby grant us permission to use these without fee. We must not adapt, edit , manipulate or distribute these to cause harm, cause offense or in any form cause a negative impact on ourselves intentionally.

6. Your Account

>6.1 When you create and register a account with “IVAAVI” /”AMOMA” on our “sites” you will be required to use email address and a password in order to login and register. These details must be kept safely and confidential. You will not disclose these to anybody or transfer them over via any form of technology to another.

>6.2 In circumstances we do reserve the right to change, close or disable your account for reasonable discretion or if you are in breach of any obligations under these “terms” and “conditions”.

>6.3 If you suspect your login details have been compromised please inform us at the earliest convenience so we can make sure these are changed or the account is disabled, customercare@ivaavi.co.uk

>6.4 Each registration is for a single user and not for use by multiple users. We do not and will not permit you to share your login details with another.

7. Accessibility

>7.1 We are constantly working to enable our “sites” are accessible as possible for the use by everybody who will desire to do so.

>7.2 We maintain the right to constantly update our “sites” to ensure we are able to constantly make the “sites” better for yourselves and for further accessibility.

8. Amendments, Cancellations and Returns Policy

>8.1 Once you click, Confirm and Pay you are unable to amend your order. You may return or exchange your items once you have received them however. You may contact us on customercare@ivaavi.co.uk for any further details.

>8.2 You can returns goof you have ordered from our “SITES” back to us for any reason within 14 days of receipt for a full refund/exchange as long as they have been returned in the same state you have received the items and they ae unused.

>8.3 We will refund your items once received minus the delivery cost or exchange as necessary. >8.4 We reserve the right to refuse refund or exchange if the item has been purposely damaged, used, opened and seals have been broken. These do not affect your statutory rights.

9. Service Access

>9.1 We aim to ensure our “sites” our constantly available 24 hours a day. However we will not be liable for any reason if the “sites” are not available for any time or period.

>9.2 We may limit or suspend access to the “sites” temporarily if necessary. For example in the terms of maintenance, system failure or repair.

10. Limitation on liability

>10.1 There is nothing in these “Terms and Conditions” limits or prohibits our liability for death or personal injury occurring from our neglect, or fraudulent misrepresentation or fraud, or any other liability that cannot be eliminated or limited by this law.

>10.2 We only provide our services for personal, private and domestic use only. You agree not to use these for commercial, business or other purposes and therefore have no liability in loss of business, profit, interruption or opportunity.

>10.3 We cannot pledge our services will be secure from bugs or viruses. We will not be liable for any loss, damage, loss of opportunity occurring caused by a virus or harmful technology material that may corrupt your computing equipment, phone or tablet.

>10.4 It is your own liability for ensuring you are able to use our services. You should have your own virus protection software also and must take liability for your own virus software.

11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

>11.1 These “terms and conditions” shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law. Disputes arising in connection with these “terms and conditions” shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts and law.

>11.2 We do not license that items for sale on our “Sites” are suitable or available for use outside the United Kingdom. It is forbidden to access the “sites” from territories where its contents are illegal or unlawful. If you access our “sites” form location outside of the United Kingdom, you do so at your own risk and you are accountable for compliance with local laws.

12. Variation

>12.1 We reserve the right to change or alter any items on our “sites” without prior notice of change.

13. Complaints

>13.1 Complaints are dealt with via our complaints procedure. All complaints must be emailed to customercare@ivaavi.co.uk We look to resolve all disputes and complaints as soon as possible.

14. Miscellaneous

>14.1 Only parties to these “terms and conditions” may look to enforce them under the contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999

15. Contact us

>15.1 If you may have any disagreements or questions with regards to these terms. Please feel free to contact us: